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  Turkish Stars  

Türkiye’s national aerobatic team “Turkish Stars”, will be in SHG Airshow 2019!


  Gendarmerie Aviation Department  

Since 1968, namely for 50 years, the heroes of the Türkiye skies Gendarmerie Aviation, STEEL WINGS acro team will be in SHG Airshow 2019 with S-70 Sikorsky helicopter demonstration for the first time.

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  JHV Store  

JHV Store products will be exhibited at SHG Airshow 2019.

 North American P-51D Mustang 

The First and only North American P-51D Mustang in Turkey. She was brought into Türkiye by M.S.Ö. Air & Space Museum.

 North American T6G Harvard 

Türkiye’s first civilian T6G Harvard airplane that was brought into Turkish Aviation by M.S.Ö. Air & Space Museum, will be in presence of audience in SHG Airshow 2019 for a wonderful display!

  Douglas DC-3  

1940 model DC-3 that was brought into Turkish aviation by M.S.Ö. Air & Space Museum, successfully completed its world tour in 2017. You can watch its spectacular display at SHG Airshow 2019.

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 Aerobatic Yakers /Iacarii Acrobati 

Aerobatic Yakers will be at SHG Airshow 2019 with its spectacular show.

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  Air Consult  

AirConsult is the official Rotax Service Center for Turkey

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  Akba Model  

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  Alp Aviation  

Alp Aviation is a privately owned company with absolute dedication to the aerospace industry and its highest standards.

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  AlpTeknik Aviation  

Alpteknik, a leading provider of aviation parts and services, is the exclusive authorized distributor of Sikorsky spare parts and aftermarket services in Türkiye for all Turkish Governmental entities and the representative for the commercial aircraft sales of Sikorsky S-76, S-92, S-61 M28 in Türkiye

  Necdet Alpata A.Ş.  

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  Opel Alpata  

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  Antalya Bilim University  

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  Ati Aviation  

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Aviat Aircraft Inc

Aviat Aircraft is the American manufacturer of the world-wide known high-performance aviation aircrafts like Pitts, Husky and Eagle.

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 Boeing Stearman A75N1 

As the oldest flying plane of Türkiye, Boeing Stearman will initiate a journey in time for the audience watching its show.

  Can Village Foods  

  CAP 232  

French unlimited aerobatic aircraft, was based on CAP 230 design that was built for the French Air Force Aerobatic Team in 1985. She has a roll rate in excess of 420° per second and the Lycoming AEIO-540 300hp engine allows climb rates in excess of 3,300ft per minute. CAP 232 is widely used in aerobatic contests and has many litles in World Aerobatic Championship.


  Hakan Çetinkaya  

Hakan Çetinkaya from Çeşme Alaçatı will take part in SHG Airshow 2019 with his gyrocopter show together with Serkan Özcezarlı.

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  Detail Port  

Uzun yıllar boyunca havacılık sektöründe üretim, tasarım ve AR-GE departmanlarında hizmet veren DetailPort, havacılığın getirdiği o eşsiz titizlik anlayışı ile hava aracı temizlik ve bakım uygulamalarıyla SHG Airshow 2019'da stant alanında olacak.

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Eskişehir'de hizmet sektörüne yeni bir soluk getirmek  mottosuyla yola çıkmış olan Dudes, butik tarzı ve özgün menüsüyle SHG Airshow 2019'da sizlerle olacak. 

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  Eng Aviation  

  Extra 300  

Extra 300 was designed by Walter Extra, a German aerobatic pilot, in 1987. With 315hp Lycoming AEIO-580 engine, Extra 300SHP is light weight and high performance version of Extra 300. She is one of the most popular aircraft among unlimited aerobatic category.

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  Nejc Faganelj  

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  Fly Silver  

  Andrew Goodall  

Andrew Goodall who has 1700 hours of flight and He is the owner of Wacky Wabbit T6 in the UK. He is also an examiner with 6000 jumps skydiving experience.

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  Haritaevi Aviation  

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  Aviation Association For All  

 Husky A1B 

Husky which can easily land and take off on the fields of short distance and out of the runway will provide an enjoyable time for the audience.

  Kai Joppich  

Team Narli Stars #3, German display pilot Kai Joppich is flying with XtremeAir Sbach 342, also known as XA42. Kai is 37 years old and has 2000 flight hours under his belt. He is also a certified aircraft mechanic.

  Nebile Kılıç  

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  Kipir Jet  

  Kipir Foods  

  Kokpite Açılan Kapı  

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  Cengiz Koçak  

  Sami Kontio  

Team Narli Stars #1, Finnish display pilot, Sami Kontio will be at SHG Airshow 2019 with his CAP232.

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  KTO Karatay University  

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 Martin Lovell 

Martin gained his helicopter pilot licence in 1989. He has now flown over 2100 hours.The flying can be for maintenance purposes, positioning flights, airtests, thru to complete evaluations for customer purchases. He has taken part in several air displays in the UK.

  Mach Aviation  

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  Maiden Flight Tech  

 MD Helicopters MD500E 

MD500 which reaches the highest speed and functionality in its category will provide a surprising show time for the audience with its swift and speedy manoeuvres.

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  M.S.Ö. Gift Shop  

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  Serkan Özcezarlı  

Serkan Özcezarlı, instructor pilot and training manager in TRNC Air Sport Federation, regards the sky as his second home for 25 years. He has logged 2500 flight hours approximately.
They will perform a spectacular gyrocopter display with Hakan Çetinkaya in SHG Airshow 2019.


 Ali İsmet Öztürk 

Ali İsmet Öztürk who is The First Professional and National Aerobatic Pilot of Türkiye will meet with his audience in SHG 2019 with his legendary airplane Purple Violet.


 Semin Öztürk 

Semin Öztürk, The First Professional Female Aerobatic Pilot of Türkiye will be at SHG 2019!

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  Pipistrel Virus SW121  

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 Pitts S2B 

S-2B, the most popular model of Aviat has the superior use for aerobatics and will be in the SHG 2019 with its most advanced maneuvers!

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 Bob Pooler 

The English Pilot Bob Pooler will take place with Aviat Husky and Boeing Stearman in Sivrihisar Airshows in this year as well.


 'Legendary' Purple Violet 

Purple Violet, as one of the most advanced aerobatic aircrafts of the world, will be in SHG 2019 with its unique airshow.

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  Lee Proudfoot  

Lee Proudfoot, who has been flying with Ferocious Frankie since 1993, he will be at SHG Airshow 2019 with a great performance as last year.

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  Salt & Pepper  

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  Segar Havacılık  

  Sky Cafe  

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 SkyTech Helicopters 

Skytech now maintain 21 aircraft (65% of UK registered MD Helicopters) with customers throughout the length of the country. They also provide technical support and spares for the brand to several other companies throughout the world.

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  Şehr-i Dünya  

Şehr-i Dünya leziz menüleriyle SHG Airshow 2019'da.

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Aviator Vecihi Hürkuş Museum Society

 Team Narli Stars 

The Narli Stars is an international aerobatic team - perfoming as a 3-Ship Formation Display Team in Europe and as 4-Ship Team in China. The 3 European Pilots performing the shows in Europe, are Sami Kontio from Finland, Kai Joppich from Germany.  All the team-members are longtime, highly qualified aerobatic pilots with various aviation backgrounds. Their first appearance as a Team 3 years ago and established the Team Narli Stars in 2018. They will be meeting with Turkish audience for the first time this year. The team received thumbs up from viewers in China and Europe before and will take place in SHG Airshow 2019 with both “formation” and “solo” displays. The demonstrations by the aerobatic team featuring Sami Kontio with CAP 232 and Kai Joppich with S Bach XA42 is eagerly awaited.

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  The Oz Store  

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  THK Air Sports Team  

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 Usta Kanatlar Model A/C Club 

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  Ülküm Embroidery  

  XtremeAir Sbach 342  

Sbach 342 (XA42) is a high performance two seat aerobatic aircraft built by XtremeAir GmbH. Carbon fiber fuselage and Lycoming AEIO-580 engine allows XA42 to achieve even hardest aerobatic manevours.

  Bennie Vermeulen  

He is fulltime involved in the family business as Manager of Springbok Aviation Services, the maintenance division, specializing in the maintenance and restoration of vintage aircraft such as the Beechcraft B18, DC-3, DC-4 and the PBY Catalina.

  Flippie Vermeulen  

Captain Vermeulen has been flying since 1967 and was in the employment of South African Airways from 1970 till 2011. He flew most of the Boeings and all the Airbus types in operation with South African Airways (SAA) during his career. He ended his career in SAA as a flight instructor on the Airbus A340's on the international service. He is rated on nearly 80 different aircraft types, from antique biplanes to the latest jet airliners.

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  Yakut Watch  

  Yeşilköy Natural Foods  


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  TY Market Truck  

TY-Market Truck, the only authorized producer and seller of Turkish Stars products, will be at SHG Airshow 2019 - Sivrihisar Air Show on September 14-15, 2019.

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  Power FM flight simulator  

Enjoy 5D Experience in SHG 2019 with Power FM Flight Simulator.

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