56 years ago (1961) I was 12 and, flying with a radio-controlled model aircraft was something beyond our dreams. In those years, I was flying with wire-controlled aircrafts with my American friends in Ankara. Among us, there was none to fly with a radio-controlled aircraft and it required a special permission to use a radio control. However, it was not a problem for us since we were flying with the models where PX was, near Balgat. One of my friend’s father made a surprise to us and brought a remote control from America. WOOOW!!! We felt as if this device would bring us to the space. It was a two-channel remote control, when you initiated the control, servo used to go aside and stay there. When you left the control aside, the rubber band connected to the opposite side of the horn was withdrawn. By the way, I forgot to tell that there was a lamp on the remote control and you had to wait at least for 1 or 2 minutes after you turn it on fort he lamp to be heated and thus, to work. Since then I have been flying with model aircrafts. However, I have become succesful in flying with the models by myself without taking any support and instruction just in two years’ time and after breaking seven aircrafts. 

Since 1985 I have educated more than 300 students in flying with model aircrafts and more than 50 students in flying with helicopters alone by themselves less than two or three weeks time. And this is a great satisfaction for me. Now modelling has reached to incredible levels. According to their models, our jet aircrafts reach up to 300-400 km/speed and their voices are similar to the real aircrafts. The smell of A1 jet fuels are same as the smell in airports. Flying with jets is different from flying with normal motorized planes. If you buy a model or jet motor from MS JETS , three flights with our jet aircrafts are free. Besides, in case of requirements, the construction of models and deliverance in the air is provided by MS JETS. 

It is the time of Jets,

Best wishes to all the lovers of modelling and jets,

Mesut Sübakan

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