Martin gained his helicopter pilot licence in 1989. He has now flown over 2100 hours, with more than 1600 hours on the MD 500, other types he can fly being the Hughes 300, Bell Jetranger 206 and MD520 / MD600 Notar (No tail rotor) types. The flying can be for maintenance purposes, positioning flights, airtests, thru to complete evaluations for customer purchases. He has taken part in several air displays in the UK, raising huge amounts of much needed funds for the local air ambulance.

Skytech now maintain 21 aircraft (65% of UK registered MD Helicopters) with customers throughout the length of the country. They also provide technical support and spares for the brand to several other companies throughout the world, noticeably Hong Kong & Mallorca.

Apart from his love and passion for maintaining & flying helicopters, any spare leisure time he has Martin likes to fly hot air balloons, he’s also a huge rugby union fan following Northampton Saints and enjoying all forms of motor sport.

The aircraft being flown in the display today is MD500E, TC-HSO, owned by Ali Ozturk, the SHG meet director.

The aircraft will cruise at 130 kts, with a top speed of 152 kts (almost 280 kph), it has a Rolls Royce gas turbine engine with a power output of 425 shaft horse power.

It can carry pilot and 4 passengers with a maximum take off weight of 1761 kgs for almost 480 kms.


The display today not only shows the agility and manoeuvrability of helicopters but the MD 500 in particular. It also shows how the helicopter can be flown safely in a display where accuracy of flying is of the highest importance.


Towards the end of his display Martin will simulate an engine failure & then a run on landing, ever wondered why the landing skids were called skids, you’ll find out.


A reminder to watch to the completion as there is a unique conclusion, showing the precision & control available in the helicopter by use of a traffic cone!!

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