Barrett Brummett raced with go karts as a kid, Won a national points championship.  He Raced at Daytona the first time at age of 13.

He flew RC models in pattern competition all over America and took several awards.

He was educated in mechanical engineering and became a certified welder, and operated a small machine atelier. He owned and operated a motorcycle business as well.

Barrett raced with superbikes for 6 years, completed the WERA series as the second one in America  and took several wins along the way.  He raced in all the big tracks in America.

He graduated from Flight Safety International with multiengine, instrument, commercial ratings.  

Bought a Pitts S1-C in 1999 and flew at the IAC competition with it.

Barrett has built and re-built several aircraft.

He worked at Steen Aero Lab with Curtis Pitts for 4 years as an engineer, flew at air shows and made customer demo flights with the Skybolt company.

He also worked at Inverted USin re-building aerobatic aircraft, sales, shipping to foreign countries, test flying, and giving aerobatic instruction.  

He received a certificate to race in the Reno Air Races.

He flew at some international air shows in Side / Antalya, Turkey, Al Ain UAE, Puebla Mexico.  

He became an Agricultural Pilot and then proceeded towards Air-Tractor 802's.  He flew as an AG pilot for 6 years as well.

Then , Barrett worked in the Fire industry flying with the Air-tractor 802's for the US Forestry service in extinguishing forest fires.  (dropping premix fire retardant)

He was rated in Seaplanes and was trained in the Fire boss aircraft, too. (Air-Tractor on floats)  They are used in remote locations where other fire equipments are not available.  They land on the water, scoop up 800 gallons, and drop it on the fire.  This training is very extensive.  This year he will be working out of Fairbanks Alaska.  The Fire Boss aircraft is the largest single engine aircraft and it has 1600 horsepower. Its takeoff weight is 16,000 pounds.  

Barrett will perform a fantastic "Aerobatic Display" in S.H.G. Airshow 2017 and will meet with Turkish spectators once more again !

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